Shinny gold bars pile over a dark table

What Is A Gold-backed Cryptocurrency?

Gold-based cryptocurrencies’ history is older than Bitcoin. When the price of Bitcoin came face-to-face with gold, reaching parity of rates in 2017, investors around the world gazed with interest the concept of gold-backed cryptocurrencies. Even though the idea of cryptocurrencies sounds recent, gold is the oldest exchange medium in History – and the idea of trading it on the internet.

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Bitcoin investors riding in a rollercoaster

Volatility Of Cryptocurrencies: Why Is It Important?

The rollercoaster can be a positive indicator.  2018 was a challenging year for Bitcoin. Not only the market downtrend pushed its value down but also scared its most affectionate investors. This fact reveals that cryptocurrencies – like any other market share – are volatile and also susceptible to go up… and down. In simple words, volatility is the opposite of.

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Illegal Bitcoin held into custody behind jail bars in India

Is Bitcoin Illegal In India?

Even though India is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, cryptocurrencies still receive bad looks. Understand why:  India, located in South Asia, is the seventh largest and the second most populous country in the world, reaching 1,3 billion people. The country’s cuisine and performing arts industry are also notorious: is estimated that South India attracts more.

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Bitcoin laying down below a death cross

Bitcoin Death Cross: What Does It Mean?

Will the price of Bitcoin definitely fall or only preparing its investors for a golden cross? In simple words, a death cross is a technical indicator that happens when a stock’s moving average (indicator for short-term price fluctuations) falls below its long-term moving average. It’s a reliable indicator for investors since it predicts a behavior for the market – as.

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Fidelity Investments location in Indianapolis

Is ‘Fidelity’ Adopting Crypto A Big Deal?

What would happen if the largest assets manager of the United States launched its own crypto trading platform? Fidelity Investments Inc., also known as Fidelity or FMR, is one of the largest assets managers of the United States – if not, of the whole world. The group, based in Boston, has at least five massive active operations worldwide (such as.

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