5 Flaws of Bitcoin Exchanges – and 4 Reasons Mining Pools Are a Better Investment

Bitcoin Exchanges are like the stock markets of crypto - the problem is they have 5 major issues no investor can ever overlook: 1) Susceptible to Hackers More than 30 of the top crypto exchanges were hacked since 2011. And since cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, that means it’s impossible to retrieve your funds. Estimates show that almost USD 15 billion.

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5 myths about Bitcoin: will it lead us to an environmental crisis?

There are a lot of myths surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. In this article, we can prove why 5 of them are mistaken! From money laundering to environmental crisis: there are all kinds of myths involving Bitcoin. The bad press tries to discredit the real benefits of the blockchain technology, masking it as unreliable or dangerous. In this article,.

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