Lego toy and Bitcoin standing in the Australian flag.

How Does Bitcoin Work In Australia?

Spoiler alert: Australian citizens can pay for groceries with Bitcoin. From a pepperoni pizza to millionaire mansions, Bitcoin can be used to purchase, literally, anything. While some central banks and institutions look at the cryptocurrency as a competitor for fiat currencies, Australia’s government legalized it as a trading currency, and it can be used by customers to buy groceries in.

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Panoramic picture of Dubai city

How Is Dubai Becoming The First Blockchain-Based City In The World

Can Dubai become the first “smart city” by 2021?  Dubai it’s, definitely, one of the most looked up destinations for travelers, due to its inspiring skyscrapers, five-star hotels, and billionaire lifestyles. However, there’s much more behind this surface that reveals the city’s true potential. When it comes to enforcing the blockchain technology in all of the public services, Dubai’s one.

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Charging bull sculpture in New York

Bull Run: Can It Be Expected On The Crypto Market?

The future lies in the study of the past.  Even though Bitcoin faced a massive downtrend in 2018, its ups and downs also predict a positive bull run trend for 2019 and 2020. The cryptocurrency suffered a fall, which make specialists and investors doubt of its true value and its impact on the stock market. However, who believe in its.

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Basic Attention Token (BAT) website displayed on smartphone screen

BAT (Basic Attention Token): What Is It For?

If you’re tired of remarketing ads and feel like rewarding companies that don’t do them, meet the Basic Attention Token (BAT). User attention is something that companies and content makers are constantly disputing. We, as people, can’t offer full attention to everything we find interesting on the internet: basically, because it’s impossible to do it. Internet users are bombarded with.

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Middle Easter woman looking at a computer screen

How Is The Blockchain Helping Women In The Middle East?

The lack of technology’s access is not the biggest obstacle for women in the Middle East. When it comes to career opportunities, things are ambiguous for women – especially, if they’re based in Saudi Arabia. While females represent 52% of university graduates in the country, they also make up to 60% of the unemployed. The scenario is paradoxical, but also.

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