Physical bitcoins placed over a dark table in front of the South Africa country flag

Is Blockchain-Based Economy Possible In South Africa?

Blockchain adoption is increasing its levels, and innovative ways of dribbling poverty are emerging. In a country where economic instability leaves people lacking money, the blockchain technology arose like a new way of thriving and building their own prosper economy. The blockchain is the apple of one’s eye, especially in South Africa, and it’s changing the way communities are exchanging.

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pgysical bitcoins being digged from the ground with shovels

Mining Bitcoin Vs. Buying Bitcoin: Which One Is More Lucrative?

Are you looking for Bitcoin profits, and it’s still not sure if buying a coin or mining for it is the best? We help you with insights: Buying or mining for Bitcoin? This is, probably, one of the most asked questions ever made in the crypto community. While some say that buying fractions of Bitcoin is an accessible way of.

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Bitcoin placed on world’s map

Which countries support Bitcoin and where is it illegal?

Southern Africa has the most countries whereby Bitcoin is illegal. Since Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, popularized the benefits of the blockchain technology for modern transactions, the “the new era” of cryptocurrencies gave its first steps. Because it allows decentralized exchanges and no middleman (such as banks or the involvement of governmental institutions), the blockchain gained popularity among.

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Man making an exchange with Bitcoin

Can Bitcoin Become A Global Currency?

Even though Bitcoin is not allowed in some countries, the cryptocurrency is changing the way people are relying their money on monopoly. Bitcoin’s value has ups and downs. As well as fiat currencies, the cryptocurrencies are volatile – especially BTC, because it’s the genesis of the virtual coins. The main difference between them is time: while crypto-coins are very recent,.

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